What am I grateful for?

What can I say a lot of things have happened this year since last Thanksgiving.
A lot of things our family could feel a little down about quite frankly. We also have some miracles to celebrate.
With that said our family knows how to rally like no other. With all of these health bumps we grow closer, we laugh harder and we celebrate bigger.
As the years go by we realize these are the good days. We can all still gather with the kids laughing with both Grandmothers and Grandpas, sister, brother and cousins filling the house with laughter.
Back yard baseball will be full force a Thanksgiving swim is on the horizon and most definitely my sister and my husband will bump heads over cooking the turkey. Plus she and my mom will constantly tidy the kitchen. Something will take to long to cook, something will be forgotten off the dinner table, we will be squished together practically sitting on one another at the dinner table but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
There will be political conversations that get tense, old stories told by the dozen, ones we have heard before but can’t wait to hear again .
Friends who are like family will join and it will make the depth of the beauty of the day greater.
What am I grateful for this year. Everything, all of it. I plan to soak up every hug, laugh and tear as we go down memory lane.
I’m grateful for it all. This year is one to remember.

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