Life taught me a lesson last week.
Just as we were all planning for the holidays our grandmother , my moms mom passed away. Just shy of 100 her passing was not a surprise yet at the same time it surprised us all. Over the last two years were were told her days were numbered but she kept proving them wrong! In the end Nov 30, 2017 our mom had lost her mom.
In a way we were happy for Nanny as she was in pain and not living a quality life anymore and she longed to be reunited with her husband who had passed many years before.
Nanny being Nanny had arranged everything preparing for her passing. She did not want a funeral, she wanted to be simply cremated and placed beside our Grampa. It was just suddenly over. So that is exactly what was done.
So while struck with grief and sadness for a life lost I was happy she was at peace yet I still felt bad about that and couldn’t stop crying when simply talking about her.
I felt bad about that and about the other side of my life, my work life.
I was set to head out on a trip with my kids, a work-cation as the kids called it. The kids were so excited as it was a Disney Cruise. A once in a life time moment for them.
My mom said “you have to go for the kids. “ I was struggling. I wanted to run to my moms house and just cry with her and hold her. She said you need to get away too, turns out moms always do know best.
So on the advice of my mom I packed the kids and went. My hubby had to work so a dear friend with a heart of gold and laugh that can wrap a soul in love went with us.
You know that saying mom knows best. Well she did.
I watched my kids laugh and smile and play the only way you can on a Disney Cruise. It reminded me about holding on to little moments in time. How important it is to be a kid again while we can. I saw people of all ages feel the magic and I felt my kids feel it too.
I had some really reflective moments at sea, moments when they went to bed. Looking out over the water thinking and appreciating my entire family, those who are here and those who have passed.
I’m not sure if I was at home I would have stopped the world to truly do this. Or would I just have buried myself in work the way I have always done to deal with things that are hard to deal with.
I’m pretty sure I would have buried myself in work.
This is all to say when a person passes grieving can happen anywhere any time. I have to say, though it may seem strange to some, being with my kids for 7 days at the happiest place on the sea was the best place to be to say good bye to my Nanny just shy of 100.
Thank you Disney for doing something far more special then you realized.

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