Happy my house is full Holidays!!!!!

We have a deal at my house before the holidays. One, tree goes up after Halloween (don’t roll your eyes) Two, it stays up till March….Marchish. So this is where we start. Let me be clear I take most of the Santa doinks down at some point and it just becomes white lights and bliss in the wintery months. Better right? If you agree pls feel free to tell my husband.

So once that is done we start the Family giveaway. As my children get older their interests change. Last year Transformers were the number one toy….wait it still is…bad example. So lets take that bouncy ball the kids ride around the house. P.s I make them wear a helmet I am that mom , not I really am and I am working on this. Good stuff for a later post right!!! Anyway the big ball was a loving gift from my parents, totally safe thanks mom. Anyway my point is this thing has not seen the light of day for months. So this goes in the giveaway pile. So does the stuffed animal they just “had to have” it has been jammed in a drawer in the playroom for 7 months. The list goes on, the books they have outgrown, one of the many boxes of random lego pieces, the doll who looks like she too would really like to move on! These toys go in our pile to donate to a charity of the kids choice. We give them a list and they choose. We talk about each one.

The kids learn about the importance of sacrifice, all be it a very simple level but one they can wrap their heads around. They learn about thinking outside of themselves, imagining the joy another child will get out of this act of kindness. We talk about why it is important to be their for people when they need us most, even strangers.

Now let me be real, this makes my heart sing the kids as a result they really think twice before they get revved up to make their list for Santa because the focus is now not just on what do I want, what can I have but rather, what can I do who can I help.

I read along time ago that a kind heart is something you are born with but the understand of the importance of giving back is learned.

If you want to adopt our holiday tradition no matter what holiday you celebrate her are a list of just some of the charities we have donated to over the years. Be sure to call them ahead of time to ensure their polices fit your donations.

Diabetes.ca free home pickup
The Salvation Army
Local Shelters and Children’s Centers and Preschools, Nurseries
Ronald McDonald House


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